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To be safe and secure are heightened concerns for all of us in today’s world. Our need to be safe and secure is not directed only to terrorism at home and abroad, unfortunately it is around us in forms of random acts of violence, calculated crimes, aggressive and dangerous drivers (road rage), disgruntled employees, stalking an revengeful relationships, to name a few.

Moreover, these criminal and dangerous activities take place all around us. It is no longer just in the “bad pars of town” or remote locations. It happens in our places of business, on our busy streets and roadways, inside and right outside our homes, in our places of worship and schools, while we are on business trips or vacation or while running simple errands.

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What we Offer

Specialized Protection

From safe and secure ground transportation from home to workplace or desired location and plane or airport pickup to hotel/location drop-off to personal protection (bodyguard) services locally, nationally and abroad. International Protection Group (IPG) is headquartered in New York City and provides personal protection services on a worldwide basis including safe and secure ground transportation worldwide.

Protective Services

Personal Protection Specialist

Client’s are faced with evolving security challenges due to social media, global corporate footprints, a strained economy, and rapidly evolving technology. From protective driving services to international travel management, IPG provides unparalleled customized quality service. IPG understands that time is a precious asset. We are committed to maximizing effective application of an executive’s time by facilitating uneventful and timely movements for each day’s itinerary.

Threat and Risk Assessments

Without identifying the most probable potential threats and risks, it is obvious that solutions will not be as effective or efficient as possible. Competence in protection requires assessment of threats and vulnerabilities prior to them evolving into an incident. IPG balances fact-based modeling and human experience to produce the most well-honed threat assessments available giving a protective team exactly the perspective they need to provide the best protection possible.

Protective Intelligence

The success of a protection effort truly lies within the intelligence driving it. Conducting advance visits to the locations the protective efforts will occur empowers the protective team to ensure a safe and hassle-free experience. Building relationships with resources, conducting in person route surveys, and collecting real time information significantly minimizes the opportunity for unexpected factors such as construction to impact a client’s itinerary. Most importantly the protective team will understand what belongs in the environment to empower them to quickly identify and avoid potential setbacks and threats.

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Confidential and Discrete Investigations

International Protection Group, LLC (IPG) has a large network of professional investigators across the globe available to conduct any of your investigative needs.

Physical Security and Electronic Countermeasures

Our technicians have extensive experience in multiple areas of security and technology: executive protection, corporate security, electronic security systems, video security systems, two-way radio technology, telecom system wiring and programming, computer networks, and many other aspects of electronic communications. Corporate security teams of major corporations as well as protectors of high-profile individuals trust us for their electronic security sweeps and Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) services.

Stalker & Threat Analysis and Management

Once a novelty, dealing with stalkers is a serious threat that must be dealt with swiftly. Our experts can analyze threats and recommend appropriate actions for your peace of mind and personal safety.

Surveillance Detection

Each surveillance detection operation begins with task driven human resource allocation. IPG maintains a large talent pool comprised of experienced investigators with a variety of backgrounds. Investigators that can move covertly in any community are essential to the success of investigative operations. IPG investigators receive ongoing top of the line training to ensure they produce valuable and actionable results.

Workplace Violence and Prevention and Response

Workplace violence prevention and response is an intelligent investment. Violence in the workplace is not something to be ignored or dealt with after the fact; it needs to be addressed well in advanced with well thought out plans and procedures, much like an insurance policy.

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Highly Specialized Service

International Protection Group, LLC (IPG) is comprised of a highly specialized team of certified personal protection professionals that provide the best entertainment industry protection at every turn. We recognize that entertainment security is unique both in the scope of responsibilities and continuous change in environment. Our mission is to provide our clients with highly trained professional staff that give our clients the reassurance of safety and security in order to focus their attention on their business at hand.

TV & Film Industry

IPG provides set security for television filming as well. Production sets can be chaotic and fast paced, we are there to make sure the operation runs smoothly and efficiently. We live in an unpredictable world where protection of talent, their families, crew members and fans cannot be left in the hands of inexperienced providers.

Our core services provide everything necessary for your filming to run as efficiently and economically as possible. Our Personal Protection Specialists are knowledgeable with each facet of the production environment including shooting schedule modifications, off camera positioning, set politics, call sheets, and union protocols. Sensitivity to the amount and type of media attention you are looking for will be always be maintained.

We Also Provide:

  • Liaison for remote and foreign locations
  • Crowd control and management
  • Parking logistics
  • Paparazzi management

Entertainers and Artist Security Management Services

International Protection Group (IPG) personnel are trained and trusted in the use of appropriate and media friendly threat responses. We will build the protective effort around your goals and preferences. Whether looking for a relaxing evening out of the lime-light or a public appearance with a pronounced security presence, IPG will ensure the team assigned to you provide effective, adaptable, and comfortable services. Service for each client is custom tailored to fit their lifestyle and preference. By always being one step ahead and offering true adaptability to impromptu changes in the client’s itinerary, our team performs thorough advance planning, route analysis, intelligence collection, and site visits to ensure that each day runs smoothly.

IPG will design a protective effort that compliments your lifestyle, professional needs, and provides you with an authentic sense of security. Intelligence driven protective measures ensure that efforts are being made to provide you with a valuable return on your investment.

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We’ve Got your event Secured

International Protection Group, LLC (IPG) has over 30 years of experience providing special event security, from one bodyguard to thousands of protectors, in countries all around the world. We are detailed orientated and provide customized service for each event.

IPG offers specialized event security possibilities ranging from access control, to tailored event security options such as incorporated executive protection elements, guest screening, social media monitoring and custom concierge level services offering true door to venue service packages.

IPG will ensure the success of your event by putting our decades of experience with award ceremonies, parties, opening nights, wrap parties, meetings, and public relations events to work for you. Our team will work closely with you to build an event management plan that meets your specific needs.

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Global Transportation Services

International Protection Group (IPG) is a trusted resource for providing Protection Drivers with reliable secured transportation for a wide range of VIPs, including corporate executives, politicians, and celebrities. Our protection agents and drivers are thoroughly trained to transport VIPs safely to and from their destinations, nearly anywhere in the world.

Highly experienced IPG Protection Drivers can:

Coordinate with the principal’s assistant daily for travel security planning. Perform security advances on all local venues to be visited – this includes routes, airports, businesses, residences, and hotels. Review vital and relevant information in real time, including GPS tracking and monitoring. Identify and coordinate with emergency services including police, fire, ambulance services, and hospitals. Provide surveillance detection and apply counter surveillance measures for principals and other personnel during operations when manpower allows.

IPG tailor’s protection driver services to each client’s specific and unique needs.

Security Consulting Services

Personal Protection Consultations

Is your security team providing you adequate protection? Do they plan for common contingencies? We can evaluate your protection team, so you'll know for sure.

Local Assets

Traveling protective teams often benefit from having local human resources. Local agents who are intimately familiar with their environment can better anticipate inconveniences and interruptions and are able to provide enhanced services such as use of weapons, armored vehicles, and low profile culturally savvy protection professionals who blend seamlessly into their environment.

Temporary Staffing

Large scale operations often need temporary staff and do not have the licensing or resources to select quality candidates. IPG maintains a network of strategic partnerships in many corners of the world. Whether you require sophisticated top tier executive protection agents or static armed guard, IPG will supply capable manpower that compliments your protective effort perfectly.

International Travel Planning

When someone travels internationally, they need to take extra steps to avoid being a victim; we can assist you plan your travels to significantly reduce your risks.

Family and Estate Security Consultations

Not everyone needs a bodyguard, but everyone needs to protect themselves, and we can provide the perfect balance of protection advice.

High Net Worth Family Protection Consultants

Families with wealth must take greater means to protect themselves from all types of risk; we offer private protection consultations that can help families protect themselves.

Security Surveys for Security Expense Tax Write Offs

Individuals can write off the cost of their security expenses, but it must be done correctly and with an independent survey which we can arrange and provide.

Training Services

Protective service operations are unique. The majority of military and law enforcement officers possess skill sets complimentary to a protective mission. Unfortunately, they are trained to engage and neutralize the threat rather than identify, monitor, and avoid it. Skill sets specific to the protective mission must be ingrained to ensure protectors are knowledgeable and have a grasp of their role. IPG harnesses the training power of the most well-respected educators and trainers on the globe yielding the most effective professional protectors in the industry.

In 2009, IPG purchased the Executive Protection Institute (EPI). The Providing Executive Protection Program (7-days, 100+ hour program) has been conducted in Winchester, VA and the surrounding area twice a year, since 1978. IPG and EPI also have many programs that are conducted around the country as well as abroad.