Ann Smith

What is Prototyping?

When you present your product to the final customer, there has to be some sort of interactivity for your users to get how the product/app actually works. That’s why designers use prototyping.

Sam McMillan

Top 3 UX Design Mistakes

As a designer you’re expected to make the impossible happen. Time and time again, you’re expected to take an incredibly complex process and make it easy, simple and beautiful.

John Pinkman

Creating a Successful Design

Think of design as a road map for consumers, taking them where you want them to go. Design makes an efficient way to get across the message and still make it pretty. That last part is where things start getting sort of weird and sometimes even complex.

Casey Jones

The Future of Design

Over the last decade the very nature of our life has changed dramatically. It is hard to imagine a sphere of life that does not depend on computer technologies, and design is no exception.

Jim waters

Make Your Website Faster

Speed is of the essence now more than ever in web design. In 2016, your site visitors want to have a blazingly fast site experience! That’s just the way it is today, as your clients may be looking for faster sites that satisfy their needs.