Project 3

You don't have to wait for the next meteor shower to get in some quality star-gazing. Honestly, we often take inspiration from the stars, planets, and the night sky, and this project is only a good proof of that. Revolutionary technologies used at the local LA Planetarium make this place a must for anyone who's into astronomy, especially after some designing renewal that we’ve recently done. It included some necessary updates for the website of the planetarium as well as the development of a special app for its visitors.

This project required all our team to work on different tasks simultaneously. As we specialize not only in web design, but also in interior/exterior design, and brand design, we succeeded in reaching all goals that were set by our client.


Los Angeles Planetarium Los Angeles, CA, USA


Web Design/Interior Design


UI/UX Design Interior & Exterior Design Branding

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Initial stage

Website Design and Update

We decided to start the project from developing a design for its website. While most people consider planetariums to be “space museums”, our team analyzed the international experience of designing websites for well-known museums of the UK, USA as well as European and Asian countries. This research became a starting point for our further actions concerning this project.

We decided to combine the results of our analysis with usual web design practice. When you enter a planetarium website, it’s possible to spend hours taking a captivating tour or watching a multimedia exhibition. Below are some of the earlier examples how our project looked at the initial stage.

the idea of the project

Design Stage

The goal of this project was to show that planetarium websites should be easy to use, contain general information about the current exhibitions, and feature inviting designs that are quite modern and easy to the eye. Images are the key point people admire such websites, and the main emphasis should be put on it. In the case of planetariums, images imply a new look on presenting stars and galaxies, which is especially necessary for children and teenagers. Here, design plays a vital role engages the audience.

We believe the website of a planetarium can be much more than a trivial web presence covering the advantages of your visit to it and offering some info about tickets. Adding something more, it’s easier to welcome people in and make them interested. That’s exactly what we did in this project.

At the end of the production stage, the website of LA Planetarium was ready not just to attract its potential visitors by offering necessary information in a comfortable way, but also creating a positive image of the whole planetarium using the new logo, downloadable promo and entertainment materials, extended structure of website, and much more.

Mobile app Development

So We Start to Make This Huge Application

Today, mobile apps serve as an additional tool for engaging the audience and receiving the feedback from the visitors, which is very important to such establishments as planetariums. Moreover, every second visitor has a smartphone with one of two most popular mobile systems – iOS or Android and it served as an additional reason to develop a mobile app for our customer’s website.

the result of our work

Our Project Proved to be Beneficial

We were happy to present the result of our work on time to our customer. The administration of LA Planetarium was very satisfied with our work, and after launching a new version of their website, and introducing new promo materials of the planetarium as well as reopening its building after renovation, the stream of visitors has considerably increased.